How to clean up Google Contacts

    1. Open up a new web browser or tab and go to

    2. Cleaning Other contacts

         a. Select Other contacts from the list on the left.

         b. Hover over one of your contacts listed and check the box, .

         c. The top should have to look something like this,

         d. Click on the down arrow, g-contacts-down-arrow.PNG, and select All.
         e. All contacts listed should have a g-contacts-checkmark.PNG next to them now.
         f. Scroll through your list of Other contacts and uncheck any of those contacts you may want to keep.
         g. Click on g-contacts-threedots.PNG and select Delete to delete all of the contacts you have left checked. It will prompt you to confirm the deletion.
         h. With any contacts remain, follow steps b through e again and now select g-contacts-plus-person.PNG to move them to Contacts. 

    3. Repeat for Frequently contacted if necessary.

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